Peace Country Thunder 

Welcome to PCT 2020. Players CAN pre-register in order to
try-out! Players can come early to register as well. In preparation for the tryouts please be advised, a parent/guardian MUST attend!
(Please contact if parent/guardian can not attend)

By participating in the try-out we are assuming that you will be 100% committed upon selection.

** Your email will NOT be answered this is only for registration, if you have questions please use the contact form!**


U-17 GIRLS MARCH 1st 2-4pm - Sexsmith Secondary

U-17 BOYS MARCH 1st 4-6pm - Sexsmith secondary

U-15 GIRLS MARCH 8th 2-4 pm - Bezanson Knelson Centre

U-15 BOYS MARCH 8th 4-6pm - Bezanson Knelson centre

U-13 GIRLS MARCH 15th 1-3pm - sexsmith secondary

We are still hunting for a U-13 Boys coach, please stay tuned for updates.

Please Click the link below to create an account with Sports Engine & register for the upcoming try outs:

If your player turns 14 in 2020 he/she will play for the U-13 team

If your player turns 16 in 2020 he/she will play for the U-15 team.

If your player turned 16 in 2019, he/she will play for the U-17 team.

If your player turns 18 in 2020 he/she can still play for the U-17 team, as long as he/she was 17 as of December 31st 2019.