Peace Counrty Thunder Boys U-15

Welcome to PCT! 2020 will be our seventh season running our U-15 boys team! We are very excited to start the season off with a minimum of four tournaments! Thank you for joining us, and helping our association grow!


Season cost will be 475$

2019 U-15 Boys!


A big thank you to our 2018 U-15 boys, we wouldn't be here for another year if it wasn't for you! 


A quick recap on year; with a team of 11 boys we ventured to Edmonton, Olds, and Calgary for a total of four tournaments (plus a small home tournament) where we gained experience and created unforgettable memories together as a PCT pack. With wins & losses we learned to start as a team and end as a team, the boys learned not only about basketball but about team ethics and respect. We are very proud of taking home two  1st and 2nd in all of our tournaments and can't wait to see how this year shapes up!

Kaitlyn Moore & John Park

Going into our fourth (Kait) and third (John) year of coaching the PCT u-15 boys, we can not wait to see how this year is going to shape up! Both of us have always loved sports and competition, so coaching seemed like a natural fit! But after the last couple years we've both learned that we love watching the growth and progression of the players more than anything. We hope this year we'll once again see a team that grows together, and takes home some more championships!